Katie Gee Salisbury
Sadakichi Hartmann

“Having made sure that I was wrong, I went ahead,” reasoned Douglas Fairbanks, when he explained how he arrived at the decision to make The Three Musketeers in 1921. In preparation for his next film, he had taken an informal poll of theater exhibitors, the businessmen who would be distributing…

Tangled Thoughts on the Atlanta Shootings

black and white photo of the crowd at a rally to Stop Asian Hate in Columbus Park, Chinatown, NYC; Bowen Yang stands underneath a protest sign that reads “I’m not a model anything.”
Bowen Yang among the crowd at the Rally Against Hate on March 21, 2021, Columbus Park, Chinatown, NYC

I heard the news of the Atlanta shootings while watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. The first words out of her mouth were that 7 people had been killed by a gunman in Atlanta. I held my breath and waited for the other shoe to drop — somehow I knew instinctively…

Poster for the Fu Manchu flick Daughter of the Dragon (1931).

Something Mel Guo, my research assistant, said a few newsletters ago has been replaying in my head. She wrote that discovering Anna May Wong was a kind of revelation that made her want to honor AMW’s “unfulfilled potential.” …

a neon “hand laundry” sign glows in the window of a laundry above a rack of hanging shirts wrapped in plastic
a laundry on the Upper East Side, NYC, 2015 (taken by the author)

Small businesses have long been the bastion of first-generation immigrants starting out in America and hoping to build a life here. There was a time when Chinese laundries were as common as the corner bodega or mini-mart. Once industrial washing machines came along, though, many hand laundries went the way…

“We dry and die in the sun / While the seascape arranges old fruit, / Coming in and the tide, glistening / At noon.” — Weldon Kees

The dog days of summer have nearly come and gone, but there are a few weeks left to catch those last rays of summer sunshine if you’re still daydreaming of a beach day from your air-conditioned office cubicle.

Let me make a recommendation: Brighton Beach.

In ninth grade I watched…

Katie Gee Salisbury

My writing and photography has appeared in The Ringer, VICE, Roads & Kingdoms, The Margins, and elsewhere. I’m currently at work on a book about Anna May Wong.

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